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Candies and the value of a Like

Social media campaigns succeed in making huge number of people to click on the Like button or to become Fans. But do they like the brand, or the candy they got in the campaign? And how loyal are they to the brand? How permanent is their engagement? Engagement is the new metrics method in social … Continue reading

QR and mobile marketing: don’t make them download apps

A special case in the use of QR codes in out-of-house marketing is the promotion of apps. Apps are being found mainly online, through websites and on the very smartphones and tablets that they are meant for. This example is not good practice. A Brussels shopping mall hopes for more revisit if shoppers download their … Continue reading

Paid online services: what works, lessons from France

Paid for online services in France reached a revenue level of €2 bn in 2011. The interesting bit is what services are strongest in monetising the online opportunities. A study by Benchmark reveals that gaming comes out on top way ahead of other enterainment. Press and books hardly get 10%, with good growth potential. For … Continue reading

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