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Get rid of those sliders and carousels!

Marketing people love them, web designers adore them. But customers hate them. Worse: they ignore them: the moving sliding images, the carousels that occupy the center of so many websites. Who needs them? Not the visitors. Not the customers. They distract, they get in the way of the task of the customer. Here is why you have to get rid of them. In my humble opinion.

Get rid of those sliders from Toon Lowette

About Toon Lowette

Customer is not king on the internet, he is dictator. Online services are successful if they allow the customer to do what he came for efficiently and without confusion. Toon Lowette is online publishing consultant in the Customer Carewords network of Gerry McGovern. Task management is the central issue. We teach websites to manage the task, not the content, not the technology. We teach websites to become relentlessly customer centric.


3 thoughts on “Get rid of those sliders and carousels!

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    Posted by Saving abel addicted | 18 October 2013, 14:43
  2. Like anything – it’s all about the content. Make the content of the sliders interesting and relevant, and the images engaging, and they will be useful.

    Posted by jon | 6 September 2013, 19:35
  3. Ads – maybe (ads can always find ways to be pushy and annoying.) But for stories or information – not necessarily. If you have some confidence in the website you are on, like a college or a newspaper, I often find stories interesting enough that the snippet provided entices me to click for more of the story. What advertisers do is break that trust; instead of providing more information they take you right to a sale, or worse, launch you into a whole new loop and won’t let you out. (Are you sure you don’t want to try this breakthrough product? Yes -that is why I clicked on the tiny red X!!

    Posted by Janine | 14 August 2013, 16:56

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