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Meet het resultaat, niet de tijd of de page views

Als klant A twee minuten op een pagina blijft en klant B 4 minuten, wie was er dan het meest tevreden? Als klant C vier pagina’s heeft bekeken en klant D twintig, wie was dan het meest tevreden? Zeggen volume en tijd iets over de kwaliteit van de website, van de content? Hits en tijd … Continue reading

A website isn’t a building, a website is a garden

A building is a project. It starts with an idea. It needs an architect, a builder, a time line, a due date, a completion. There is a beginning and an end. A website isn’t a project, isn’t a building. A website has no end, no final completion. A website is a garden. For a garden, … Continue reading

You may never see a native website again

Big data and predictive analysis are on a very clear growth path. Machines and algorithms are crawling the internet to feed applications and programs that very creatively combine personal preferences, geolocal data, personal web history and websites and online sources into a new online experience. The application may know what you want before you know … Continue reading

Big Data and how data ownership loses importance

If Big Data is changing one aspect of the data driven online world, then it is data ownership. For publishers, owning data may not be the key issue any longer. The user interface becomes the basis for success. And for success, it is important to know what the customer wants to do when he or … Continue reading

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