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European Commission embraces Top Tasks

A European Commission blogpost among many, but quite remarkable. How since a couple of months the European Commission has on a journey to rationalise its numerous web sites with one central vision: that of the web visitor, the ‘customer’. In her blogpost Understanding what users need from us, Deirdre Hodson, member of the Web Rationalisation team, tells how the Commission has started working with the Top Tasks methodology.

Contrary to an easy private sector prejudice, it is not public sector organisations who have the monopoly of bureaucracy and immobility. On the contrary, in many respects public authorities these days are moving faster forward to become customer centric.

In the Netherlands, in his opening speech at a web management conference in December, home affairs minister Plasterk appealed to municipalities and other public bodies to embrace top tasks as the best web management method to deal with customer needs.

Gerry McGovern, founder of the Customer Carewords network of web management consultants, developed the Top Tasks Management methodologies during his twenty years on the web. The method has proven to be very valid for large and complex organisations, as well as smaller.it has proven to be very valid for private corporations, public bodies and non-profit. Top tasks have proven to be very valid for organisations operating in one geographical and language area, as well in international and global organisations working in a wide range of languages.

The task oriented journey the European Commission has taken on might become one of the most significant changes the European Union has made since its start. An organization changing from organization-centric functioning into customer-centric functioning.

Lots of public institutions have vision and mission text about serving the community, supporting citizens and businesses, promoting quality of life etc. Many are now realizing that as complex organizations they should find new ways to close the gap between their funcitoning and the actual people they are supposed to work for and to care about.

The European Commission taking a lead in that new vision, the Dutch home affairs minister stimulating local authorities into change, the UK government practicing customer centricity through ogv.uk – managing the citizen’s online contacts (and all their interactions, for that matter) based on what they come and do, based on their top tasks – that is a game changer.

For when understood and applied in an organization-wide way it abolishes the silos of departments  and old structures, surprisingly (or not) allowing organizations to better accomplish their goals.


About Toon Lowette

Customer is not king on the internet, he is dictator. Online services are successful if they allow the customer to do what he came for efficiently and without confusion. Toon Lowette is online publishing consultant in the Customer Carewords network of Gerry McGovern. Task management is the central issue. We teach websites to manage the task, not the content, not the technology. We teach websites to become relentlessly customer centric.


2 thoughts on “European Commission embraces Top Tasks

  1. Hello, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this post. It was inspiring.
    Keep on posting!

    Posted by androx | 16 June 2014, 15:58
  2. Waard om er ene op te drinken Toon.

    Posted by Mischa Verheijden | 17 February 2014, 14:05

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