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You may never see a native website again

Big data and predictive analysis are on a very clear growth path. Machines and algorithms are crawling the internet to feed applications and programs that very creatively combine personal preferences, geolocal data, personal web history and websites and online sources into a new online experience. The application may know what you want before you know … Continue reading

Big Data and how data ownership loses importance

If Big Data is changing one aspect of the data driven online world, then it is data ownership. For publishers, owning data may not be the key issue any longer. The user interface becomes the basis for success. And for success, it is important to know what the customer wants to do when he or … Continue reading

A Periodic Table for SEO – and it makes sense!

Remember the Periodic Table in chemistry class? Well, it may have been a hurdle for many youngster, but it has inspired Search Engine Land to compose a Periodic Table with all the elements necessary for a successful Search Engine Optimization. And it works, its makes sense. What I particularly like about it is that it … Continue reading

De klant is de adverteerder, de zoekopdracht is de advertentie

Miljoenen zoekopdrachten per dag zijn eigenlijk advertenties. Als een internetgebruiker intikt “goedkoop ticket brussel new-york” of “wanneer tomaten planten” of “gsm met mobiel internet”, dan is dat bedoeld of onbedoeld een oproep aan bedrijven om hun informatie en beste aanbiedingen naar boven te laten komen. Websites zijn daar doorgaans niet op ingericht. Reclame- en marketingmensen … Continue reading

.tel: mobiele site in enkele minuten

Mobiele zoekopdrachten nemen een almaar groter deel in van de hele search op het internet. In mobiele zoekresultaten worden websites die niet aangepast zijn aan de kleine schermen, snel verlaten of genegeerd. Bedrijven, merken, verenigingen hebben er alle belang bij vlot en zichtbaar gevonden te kunnen worden op de kleinere mobiele schermen. .tel is daar … Continue reading

.tel : eenvoudige mobiele site in eigen bezit en beheer

Het topdomein .tel is aan een stille opmars bezig. Door de aard van de aanpak kan een .tel-site alles verenigen waar zoveel bedrijven, merknamen, handelaars en personen naar op zoek zijn: een eenvoudige site in eigen beheer, met perfecte weergave op mobiele toestellen, met alle essentiële gegevens: van contactgegevens over tijdelijke acties en coupons tot … Continue reading

Total SME online service is the route for Yellow Pages

Coming back from the EASDP congress in Toledo, it has never been clearer to me that the future of Yellow Pages is in helping small entreprise in all their online marketing and communication. Back then, the ad in the book was what the merchant needed. Now he needs more, and unless the Yellow Page publisher … Continue reading

What if telephone numbers were open source

How important are mobile telephone numbers? Quite important, we use them intensively. Yet, they are hardly in the telephone books. What if they were a kind of open source? That we share them with whom we like? Maybe that is what is starting to happen right now. In a mobile service like Adaffix, available in … Continue reading

SoLoMo meets Yellow Pages in Brussels

All things Social-Local-Mobile are so hot at this moment that one would forget that local search has been existing for decades and decades. We used to call it Yellow Pages – and still do. Equity company Cerberus just paid AT&T close to a billion dollar for a majority stake in its Yellow Pages business. Hot … Continue reading

YP data freely available for developers

All the content on YP.com has been opened up for developers. Owner AT&T Interactive even challenges developers to write the best API. Yellow pages companies finally start to realise that data are mere raw material. Their future doesn’t lie in listings. Raw data never is the future in online. Greg Sterling writes in his Screenwerk … Continue reading

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