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En QR-code én Layar: wat veel voor één Volvo-reclame

Toen vorige week een geel-blauwe teaser-reclame in de kranten verscheen, konden we al meteen juist raden dat het om een Zweeds product ging. De teaser vroeg om onze smartphone boven te halen, de Layar-app te installeren en QR-code in te scannen. Zou de reclamemaker intussen uitgeteld hebben hoeveel, of hoe weinig mensen online gegaan zijn? … Continue reading

QR and mobile marketing: don’t make them download apps

A special case in the use of QR codes in out-of-house marketing is the promotion of apps. Apps are being found mainly online, through websites and on the very smartphones and tablets that they are meant for. This example is not good practice. A Brussels shopping mall hopes for more revisit if shoppers download their … Continue reading

9 best practice rules for QR mobile marketing

They pop up everywhere, the QR codes. Smartphone users scan them, and then, what? Happy QR users? Irritated, annoyed, disappointed? A QR code is a marketing tool and hence it serves no one if it leads to nothing. A QR code is a link, a link for a camera, but nonetheless a link. A link … Continue reading

Explain what the QR code will deliver

Image a link that says “Click here” without any clue what you will get when you click. From the context you may know a brand name, but that’s it. Would you click? Of course not. Well, every day you can find QR codes with no clue of what you’ll get. That’s not good practice. A … Continue reading

A QR is a link, it needs a relevant landing page

Billboard of a phone shop, of The Phone House in the street: that Samsung smartphone, you really need to buy it now. And look, with that QR code you know more instantly. Well, no. A case of how QR should not be used. Because it doesn’t serve the task of the curious. There have been … Continue reading

QR is een link, zorg dus voor de juiste landing page

Affiche van The Phone House op straat: die smartphone van Samsung, die moet u nu echt kopen. En kijk, met dit QR vierkantje weet u meteen meer. Wel, mooi niet. Een illustratie van waar QR niet voor moet dienen. Omdat het aan het doel van de nieuwsgierige voorbij gaat. Over de affiche is heel zeker … Continue reading

Why QR-codes too often are counterproductive

You know the situation: you point your smartphone to one of these QR codes on a billboard, a wrapping or an ad in a magazine, and you get perfect marketing blabla as a result. That’s not the way mobile content should work, indeed. And American research now confirms it: QR codes have little impact on … Continue reading

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