Task Management – Manage the tasks, not the site
Toon Lowette is consultant in the Customer Carewords network of Gerry McGovern

Customer Carewords is about facts, not opinion. It is about identifying the exact tasks and words your customers care most about and measuring them. In every Customer Carewords project we complete, we find the phenomenon of the “Long Neck”. That is, a small set of tasks that get a disproportionate amount of the vote from your customers. As a rule, we find that 5% of all tasks get at least 25% of the vote. What this means is that there are certain tasks that are far more important to your customers than others. Improve the top tasks and give the right attention to the tiny tasks.

Elements of a task management project:

  • Top Task Identification – establishing the long neck and the long tail
  • Customer Centric Index – how visitors experience the site, and how the team does, and where to put your next budget and effort
  • Task Performance Indicator – measuring and improving the success rate of the tasks
  • Taskonomy – selecting and testing the carewords for the architecture of site level 1 and 2 – improving the quality of the task path

How can websites, mobile sites, intranets be more customer oriented? Through measuring and testing. Not based on opinion but on evidence. Learn how customer centric your site is, how it is seen by your visitors and compare it to how your team sees it. Learn what your top tasks are, how efficient they are, how their success rate can be improved.

Together with the Customer Carewords team, Toon Lowette delivers advice and recommendations on where to put your extra budget and time: in the content, in the social aspects, in the architecture of the site.
You don’t need a content strategy. You don’t need a mobile strategy. You don’t need a social media strategy.
You need a task strategy.



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