E-book Mobile Marketing and QR

Mobile Marketing and QR: it’s all in the promise by Toon Lowette

E-book in epub (4.6 MB) or pdf (2.5 MB)

Why is it that QR codes so often lead to nothing? Is that good marketing? Don’t mobile consumers who take the effort to scan the code deserve better? Why disappoint your customers?

This e-book explains the possibilities, the opportunities, the don’ts and the best practices. QR codes are a powerful out-of-house marketing tool, if you use it well. Lots of advice and examples. More than in the QR chapter on this site.

Benefit from the experience of 30 years in online publishing focused on usefulness and efficient
user tasks, now applied to QR codes in mobile marketing.

Download the 30-page e-book free of charge:

EPUB version
Read the EPUB version on your tablet – lay-out problems may occur in pc-based readers.

PDF version

or scan and download directly to your mobile device

EPUB version:

E-book Mobile Marketing and QR

PDF version:

E-book Mobile Marketing and QR


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